Paresh Rawal

Who’s A Spiritual Coach

A Spiritual Life Coach is a person who helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Many people might confuse spiritual coaches with religious leaders, but they are two very different things. You don’t have to be religious to work with a spiritual life coach – you only need to have the longing to deepen your connection with the nonphysical part of yourself i.e. your soul.

Life coaching does change people’s lives; helps them improve their relationships, reach their goals, achieve lifelong dreams, and discover aspects of their personalities. However, these things give you only superficial satisfaction. The spiritual life coach not only helps you achieve these goals but also helps you connect with yourself at a deeper consciousness level. 

As a spiritual life coach, I will take you through an entirely different set of goals; such as creating a perfect harmony between your Personal, Social and Financial wellbeing goals or abstracting energy from the universe. These goals aren’t always easily defined or measured but can be felt by the sense of fulfilment you shall experience in your daily life. 

As a monk for 12 years, I amassed knowledge on Vedic secrets, Spirituality and Mythology. I travelled through the length and breadth of India, from remote villages to teeming urban centres. I got an opportunity to meet people from various kinds of economic, social and cultural background. This gave me immense insights on human behaviour, the challenges people face & their true potential. Based on this knowledge I have created these modules which will touch different aspects of your life and am confident will transform you from within.